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VFX Project:

VFX Project - Disintegration

For another part of my personal project I wanted to create a disintegration effect, inspired by the Avenger Infinity War film, using my own animation. I decided to use Truong CG Artist’s Psychlocke rig to animate a dying scene in a desolate city. I used Maya software to animate the character and After Effects with Red Giant Trap Code Particles as a plugin for the final effect.

I initially intended to use Houdini for the disintegration and did a few tests on the animation. I found it was difficult with the mesh of the rig to create the disintegration as seen in the Avenger film, and Houdini wasn’t always calculating the input fractioning and ‘infection’ spread successfully, with only the hair disintegrating in the end and nothing else.

I then moved on to trying a different technique of disintegrating using a Boolean method where, instead of the mesh fracturing and coming apart, another object collides with the animated mesh and turns the mesh into a series of points, so it appears as a swarm of particles.

Boolean Method - Houdini

Render of Boolean Effect on the animation in Houdini.

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