• Ffion Edwards

VFX Nuke Track Sequence Continued:

Start of Dog Nuke Track - Section 1 (Sniffing)

After blocking out the entire sequence, I decided it wasn’t working effectively – with too much going on. So, in the end I decided to split my one long sequence into two manageable sections. I chose to keep the start, and continued to work into the animation, as I feel the walk-in has some good energy and realistic dog characteristics.

Start of Dog Nuke Tarck - Section 1

Section 2:

I also decided to keep the end of the sequence, where the dog jumps up onto the tree stump, yawns, barks and then decides to jump off and run towards its owner.

End of Dog Nuke Track - Section 2 (Jump)

End of Dog Nuke Tarck - Section 2 (sitting on stump)

End of Dog Nuke Track - Section 2 (Jump off)

I still have quite a few tweaks to do with the end sequence, such as making sure there are no floating paws whilst on the stump, offsetting the paws, correcting movement on the stump, and correcting when it begins to position itself to jump off.

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