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Unreal Engine Implementation!

IK rig mesh and skeleton import settings

For the Games project I had to make sure that my two Robot rigs imported into the Unreal game engine. I had to first import the rigs two bind poses ‘mesh’ and ‘skeleton’ as it is without any animation and import those first. I exported my bind poses and animations as FBX files from Maya for this to happen.

IK skeleton selected - ready for animation implementation

I had to make sure that I selected the relevant importing settings, so that Unreal would keep referring back to that particular skeleton (‘IK Skeleton’ and a ‘FK Skeleton’) when animations get imported in; otherwise no animation will work in the games engine.

Importation of Death 1 and 2 animations

After first successfully importing the two ‘meshes’ (IK and FK) bind pose in Unreal, I tested out importing some animation. I started with the IK animations. I had to make sure that I selected the relevant skeleton for animation for the drop down menu in the settings, which was an IK skeleton. Then I test played the animation and dragged it into the viewport to see it work.

All IK rig animations imported successfully.

I continued to repeat the same process of importing all of my IK animations in Unreal engine and testing to see how they play.

Selecting FK skeleton - ready for FK animation implementation.

I then imported my FK animations. I had to change in the settings from an IK skeleton to an FK skeleton instead.

FK Robot Transform 2 animation imported in successfully.

All FK rig animations successfully implemented.

I then completed all my test importations and imported the transform and squat-move animations in the Unreal Engine. The implementation of my animations was a success and so I passed on my exported animations (FBX files) and extra material to the Game Designers who will insert the character into the game platform environment and start the coding process.

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