• Ffion Edwards

Personal Final Major Project: Spider Gwen

Spider Gwen Rig - Walk Cycle

I have also begun to do additional personal animations, wanting to improve on my body mechanic animation skills. I decided to do a walk cycle using a free online Spider Gwen rig. My goal is to create a feminine walk cycle but to add some characteristics of the comic book character it is based on. The rig has some advanced features, such as being able to shoot webbing from her wrist. My intention is to extend the walk cycle, and add animation layers to the cycled animation, so that she can shoot out webbing and pull in an object/person. It will be my first-time using animation layers, so I am looking forward to experimenting with it.

Spider Gwen Rig - Walk Cycle (shooting webbing)

Next, I will be starting my final major collaboration project, Father’s Gift…

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