• Ffion Edwards

Final Collaboration Major Project: Father’s Gift

I have the penultimate 26-second sequence of the short film, where the Old Man character carries a robot’s head towards the robot he has been assembling over the course of his life. The head is the last piece to be put in place, and I animate the Old Man picking up the head/camera from the desk, walking towards the robot and placing the head on the body. This is where my scene ends.

Old Man Scene 5b - looking at robot head

Old Man - Scene 5b, picking up robot head

I have found this sequence very tricky to capture effectively since the head he is carrying is actually the camera that is constantly looking up at his face. This means that the sequence is more performance driven, focusing more on the facial expression of the character, rather than the body mechanics. I have found it difficult to show the ‘age’ of the Old Man since, the viewer does not see much of the body and its posturing. I will continue to work into the animation further and improve on the facial expressions.

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