• Ffion Edwards

Disintegration - then there was nothing!

Updated: May 8, 2019

I wanted to continue using Houdini's effects, in particular, disintegration, inspired by Avenger: Infinity War.

I tested two possible ways for the disintegration to happen.

1- A Boolean method

2 - Mesh fracturing

Here I followed an online tutorial video to create a Boolean disintegration effect. This method used another object to collide with the object you want to disintegrate, with the particles emitting as points.

Method 2, mesh fracturing, was closer in similarity to Infinity War, as it fractured the mesh rather than emitting as points. This method would be ideal for my VFX project, if the animated mesh can handle the fracturing.

Here's a test I did on an animated doughnut in Houdini.

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