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Here are some of the animations I had to complete for the Robot character. In total I had to do ten animations using two different rigs to go into Game (Unreal Engine). These animations include: WALK, RUN, IDLE X2, DEATHS X2, INTERACTION, TRANSFORMATION X2 and a SQUAT-MOVE. I did two lots of animations for idle, death and transformation, to offer variety and to give the Game Designers (who will be implementing/coding the animations in Game) options on what they could use at different points in the game.


For the transformation animations I needed to use an FK rig for the folding of the leg parts. I found that by simply using the FK rig I couldn’t get the ‘anticipation’ needed for the character’s animation, so I decided to use both IK and FK rigs, and transition between them in the animation. This worked better in terms of the animation quality; however, there was a chance that the Game Designers would not be able to implement the change between the two different rigs in Game (Unreal Engine). Therefore, I animated another transformation using just the FK rig to provide them with options.

Death 2:

This is Death 2, which is death by malfunctioning robot systems and shutting down. In the game the Robot will lose its balance and start swaying from side to side until its final collapse. I am not 100% happy with the animation yet as I still think there’s room for improvement, but I feel that the death animation is almost there!

Idle 2:

This is Idle 2, where the robot will be taking small steps forwards, backwards and looking around at its environment. I am quite happy with the end result considering its mechanical nature, and don’t intend to tweak further.


Here are a few screenshots from the Robot run animation I’m currently tweaking. It is more of a jog than a run as I wanted the Robot to appear more energetic and ‘bouncy’, adding more character.


This is the interaction animation I did. I am happy with the result and the animation is now finished.


These are a couple of pictures from my walk animation. I found it tricky to animate as the Robot’s double knee joint creates unavoidable, consistent popping in the ‘thigh’ regions of the Robot’s movement. If I manage to find extra time during my schedule, I will try a different walk style similar to my run animation and see if the appeal is better.

Out of all my animations the two deaths, run and transform animations will need the most tweaking. I have done additional, smaller animations such as another death, idle, roll-move and roll-out animation but they are still a work in progress. I am still tweaking and polishing off some of these animations in my spare time, but for now I am going to focus on my next project, which is creature animation and VFX.

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